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1. What does 1toys.com require towards my browser?

1toys.com utilizes the newest techniques and skills of making home pages. It requires that the user had better use the edition of Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or Netscape Navigator4.0 or up. When the user logins on 1toys.com, he need to start cookie in his browser . Or the user can't work normally on 1Toys.com . The user can start cookie in "Tool\Internet Options\Security\Customer Level.... (Take IE5.0 as an example, as the following chart shows.)

2. Why can't I find products on 1toys.com?

In the home page of 1toys.com, you can't see products, but you can see the major category of products. If you wants to look over some kind of products, you can look for them in turn according to the category until you find the products. At the same time, if you want to look over some products directly, you can utilize the "search" page and fill in some relevant information to search the products.

3. Why can't I look over the quotation sheet?

There are three instances: 1. Cookie hasn't been started. Because 1toys.com utilizes Cookie to validate the user's validity, the invalid user isn't allowed to look over the quotation sheet. At the same time, 1toys.com utilizes Cookie to store up the products' information of the quotation sheet. So the two instances upwards are forbidden and you can't look over the quotation sheet if you haven't started Cookie. 2. You haven't logined. 1 toys.com is a B2B web site. Only the validly registered users are allowed to look over the quotation sheet. 3. The time of landing is over. Cookie is set up on 1toys.com at the end of client's sever for the client's convenience. Therefore, in order to protect the clients' space of disk and the users' account numbers, after Cookie being set up for 6 hours, it will disappear automatically. If the user wants to look over the quotation sheet, he should land once more. Otherwise, he can't look over the quotation sheet.

4. After I quote the price and I don't need some kind of products, but I can't remove it in the quotation sheet.What should I do then?

The quotation sheet the user looks over is temporary and hasn't changed into formal contract. After Newsun company affirms the quotation sheet, it can change into a formal contract. Therefore, if you don't want to purchase these products, you just remark in the quotation sheet or in the "Bargain" page on newsuntoys.com.
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